Do I Need A Vending License To Sell Food On My Own Lawn?


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Laws in many states require any business with a fixed location or fixed place of business to obtain a vendor's license. If a business has more than one location a separate license may be needed for each location.

Some states, such as Ohio, have a separate license that is needed for a vendor who does not have a fixed place of business. This type of license is issued by the state Department of Taxation and is valid wherever a vendor travels within the state. The state defines this type of vendor as a retailer who has goods that are transported to various locations, such as fairs and markets, for the purpose of making sales.

Municipalities, such as the city of South Haven in Michigan, require a vendor's license for a specific type of activity. An individual can obtain a vendor's license if she is selling various types of goods from a cart, operating a concession stand or selling goods at a specific location for only a day. A license will be issued within 30 days once an application has been received by the city clerk and reviewed by the city manager.

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