What Factors Should Be Considered To Decide Location Of A Cement Plant?


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  • Some advice
This appears to be a question from academia, or from some kind of professional background. The Internet seems to provide very little information in regards to where a cement plant should be located. This is why you should not be using the Internet to obtain the information that you need to be able to answer this question and apply it to the academic or professional world. Now, you may be lucky and have an industry expert answer your question for you but the chances are, you won't.

  • What to do
You need to do a huge amount of research. This research can be done either using textbooks or other forms of research that have been done in the past. Minutes from meetings about locations of cement plants and any other primary information that can be sourced from industry experts will be able to help you with the question.

Do remember, too, that if you are presenting the research associated with this question to business associates and experts then you shouldn't really be asking websites like this anyway. Industry insiders and experts will be looking for research that is completely professional and comes from a reliable source from the cement industry. If you cannot do this then the research you are putting together will be completely useless. So remember, search for reliable information from people who have a great deal of experience in this area.

If you are answering this question for academic reasons then you should remember that your teachers are always there to help and you shouldn't dismiss any help that they may want to provide you with. Your teacher will always want to help you with problems, and will always tell you to refer to the textbook.

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