What Is Burwood? Plaques Are Made From It.


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Although there is no information about a type of wood called burwood, apart from products made from it for sale on eBay, I presume that it is just a certain type of wood. From your question I can also guess that it is quite a sturdy wood if it is strong enough to build plaques.

The only other Burwoods that were revealed in a Google search were place names. There is a Burwood in Australia which is a suburb of Sydney that is located in New South Wales. There is also a Burwood in New Zealand which is a suburb of the capital city of Christchurch.

Being able to identify between different types of wood is particularly important if you are doing some work around your house because choosing the correct wood type could mean the difference between success and failure of your project. Below are some steps on how to identify different types of wood.

  • Step one. The first thing to do is to determine whether your piece of wood is a softwood or a hardwood. This part is quite easy. If you push one of your fingernails into the wood and you leave quite a sizeable dent, then this will tell you that it is a softwood. You can then identify that the most commonly used softwoods for furniture are cedar, aspen and pine.
  • Step two. For this step you should try to get your hands on some references chips or pictures that you can use to compare the grain of the wood that you are going to use. You can get these references chips from the majority of hardware stores. If you cannot compare the grains because it is unclear then you will have to smooth the wood a bit more until you can clearly see the grain.

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