How Is A Mild Steel Tube Made?


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Mild steel tubes are tubes made from mild steel. The carbon content of mild steel tubes is less than 0.18 per cent of all the contents used to make the tubes. It is because of the low content of carbon that mild steel tubes are not hardened. Mild steel is available in a variety of shapes. These are structural shapes and can easily be welded into tube. Mild steel tubes are tubes that can easily be fabricated and are readily available everywhere. They are also less expensive than most other metals. A mild steel tube can last for duration of 50 to 100 years if it is provided with a well-protected environment.

Mild steel tubes are usually coated with copper or other metals to prevent them from rusting or getting corroded. They are used for structural, mechanical and general engineering purposes. It is also used to make the pipes that supply drinking water. The process of chlorination and the use of sodium silicate prevent the tube from corrosion. Extra precautions must be taken to prevent the mild steel tube from rusting.

A mild steel tube is more flexible than a mild steel pipe. The thickness of the wall in which a mild steel tube is produced is lighter than that in which a mild steel pipe is produced. The dimensions of mid steel tubes are actual dimensions, unlike those of mild steel pipes. The fittings of mild steel tubes are just the right size to meet the sizes of mild steel pipes, but not the sizes of mild steel tubes.

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