If you are writing an essay in favor of mandatory neighborhood recycling, which is a counterargument you might anticipate?


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Recycling is now compulsory in many neighborhoods but there are many arguments against recycling. Recycling uses massive amounts of energy and resources, the exact energy and resources that environmentalists are trying their best to avoid over stating.

Recycling campaigns encourage us to 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. Recycling is the final option in our bid to stop so much wastage in our society but it is a much better option to reduce the amount of wastage that needs to be recycled in the first place. Our landfills are filled with hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles that promise to be around for an extremely long time and a more effective way to deal with these bottles is simply to reduce the amount that are purchased in the first place. Rather than buying many drinks in plastic bottles, neighborhoods should be encouraged to take their own drinks whenever they go out. Take a flask filled with tap water and juice for a much more economical and environmentally-friendly option which reduces the need to recycle. We live in a society where tap water is perfectly safe to drink so we should make the most of this to avoid wastage and save ourselves money.

Another way to reduce our wastage is to look for products that come with little packaging. Most products have lots of unnecessary cardboard and plastic surrounding it to attract the attention of the customer but this produces a lot of wasted material which goes straight into the bin. Buy in bulk whenever possible to limit the amount of packaging and avoid individually wrapped products.

Another counter argument for recycling would be the fact that only a small percentage of what we place in our recycling bins actually ends up being recycled. The costs involved are often not worth it, so diligently recycling everything may be pointless.
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