How Much Is Scrap Copper Going For Today In Anderson South Carolina?


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Provided below are scrap metal copper prices for various grades of copper scrap.  The price ranges below are based on spot market prices as of Feb 5, 2009

No.1 Heavy Scrap Copper  1.20   1.35  lbs  USD  
No.2 Scrap Copper  1.05   1.20  lbs  USD  
No.1 Bare Bright Copper Wire  1.23   1.38  lbs  USD  
No.1 Copper Wire Scrap  1.17   1.32  lbs  USD  
No.2 Copper Wire Scrap  1.05   1.20  lbs  USD  
No.1 Insulated Copper Wire  0.50   0.75  lbs  USD  
No.2 Insulated Copper Wire  0.30   0.45  lbs  USD  
No.3 Insulated Copper Wire  0.20   0.30  lbs  USD  


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