What Are The Problems Faced By People Who Live Near Railway Stations?


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If you're thinking about living near a railway station, there are a number of factors you may want to consider first.

Although it will depend on what train station you are talking about, and what country you are in, there are some general problems that most people living near train stations will experience:

Problems living near a train station
As someone who's lived near one of London's busiest train stations- I can tell you that there are certainly both pros and cons to this type of location.

The most well known problem is the noise.
Trains are loud, and often run into the late hours of the night.

Depending how close you are to the tracks, you might even feel vibrations as the carriages rattle along the line.

If you are planning to live near a train-line or train station, I'd recommend you make sure your windows are double-glazed, as this will help block out some of the noise.

Houses near train stations Other issues you might experience because of your home's proximity to a train station are the effects that the people using the station will have.

I spent a few years living across the street from Camden Town underground station in London, and I can tell you there were certainly several problems associated with being so close to a major transport hub.

The first was overcrowding.

In a busy city like London, living near a popular train station means every morning your neighborhood gets flooded by tourists, travelers, commuters - the noise, traffic and inconvenience is usually very noticeable.

And, wherever a large number of people congregate, there is always a larger risk of things like:

  • Crime
  • Littering
  • Noise
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In the UK it is mainly the noise, the people and everyone trying to find somewhere to park their car in the mornings. Gang fights, crime, sirens and garbage don't particularly figure.
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There's always news coverage about the problems faced by people near the railway station.
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Might try to think of the advantages, too, for instance if you want to open up a shop. Then you're in a good location.  Or how you may be able to get around without a car, get around by train then, etc. Good for senior-seniors.

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A large number of people congregate, there is always a larger risk of things like:crime, gang fights and garbage thrown around.

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