Scrap metal prices per pound in dallas, tx?


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The price of scrap metal in Dallas, Texas depends on the metal that is being sold for scrap, and can also depend on the dealer. Common metals that are popular with scrap metal merchants include copper, iron, brass and aluminum.

Copper can fetch up to $4 per pound depending on the condition it is in. The higher prices are normally paid for good quality copper that is clean and has no insulation visible. If the copper is dirty or has insulation then the price paid will be less, as to resell the copper, the scrap metal merchant will need to invest time and money into cleaning it up themselves. Copper wire can also be sold for up to $4 per pound at most merchants.

Aluminum cans, can fetch approximately 80 cents per pound, whilst the price of brass will vary depending on the type it is. Red brass can be sold for up to $1.75 per pound, whilst a scrap metal merchant may purchase a pound of yellow brass for $1.25. Furthermore, brass radiators can also be sold for up to $1.75 per pound, dependent upon their condition. Clean brass radiators will obviously command more money than dirty ones, which will normally fetch up to 50 cents less per pound.

The price of lead when sold can be up to 65 cents per pound, and stainless steel would be worth nearly 60 cents. Any dirty stainless steel would generally be called tin and this would impact on the cost that would be paid for it.

There are a number of companies in Dallas, Texas that specialize in the scrap metal business and it is advisable to contact a few to make sure that you obtain the best, and a fair price, for anything sold to them.

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