How Can I Decorate My House For Not A Lot Of Money?


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There are lots of ways to make your money stretch when it comes to decorating.

Suggestions include everything from picking your sources carefully, through to considering a little clear-out fund-raising event.

Decorating on the cheap
If you're interested in redecorating your house without splashing too much cash, I'd really recommend paying attention to the following suggestions:

  • See if there is anything you can sell to raise some decorating funds. Internet auction sites and car boot sales are a great way to turn clutter into money. You may even find that getting rid of junk provides a face lift for your whole house!
  • Concentrate on small accessories. Cushions, candles, vases and picture frames are all great for revamping your house. These items can cost less than £10 each but give stylistic flair. Think of your house like an outfit: You can wear a plain t-shirt and jeans but still look really cool if you accessorize correctly.
How to redecorate your home without spending lots of money
  • A new coat of paint in a room is another inexpensive way to beautify. It doesn't require too much money or effort, and a lick of paint will really give your home a refreshed vibe.
  • If you enjoy making things, why not get creative and make your own curtains, cushions or other furnishings? This will save you lots compared to buying from the high street, and it will also mean that you will have completely unique items all around your house. Don't be put off or daunted by the idea of making your own items, as materials are usually available in most department stores, and you only need a basic understanding of sewing patterns to get started.
  • Finally, scout for home furnishings from alternative sources. Instead of going to retailers, consider charity shops, boot sales or internet auction sites, which are all significantly cheaper. If you like antiques, this can be a great option - you'll honestly be surprised by the treasures out there!

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