I have recently purchased a Mount royale geneve 22gem,stainless steel, chrono, 10 ATM watch....Can Any one offer some info on price or the watch itself or where to get some help in finding out this info?


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You should be able to find out some information about Mount Royal watches by visiting their website at www.mountroyalwatches.co.uk/. If you visit the website; there is a comprehensive list of watches that they currently sell. By comparing these watches to the watch that you have, you may be able to get a decent idea of the value of your watch.

Alternatively, online auction sites like eBay are always useful indicators of the market value of anything that you might want to buy or sell. Check the completed listings for watches such as yours and see how much they are selling for. This is a particularly good indicator of value, since any item is ultimately only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it.

Beyond this, the best course of action will be to visit a jewelers' store and show your watch to a professional jeweler, who will be able to give you a good indication of the watch's value.

Mount Royal is a brand that is exclusively owned by Bond Hilton Limited. If you wish to contact them, their address is:

Bond Hilton Limited
St Julitta
PL30 5ED
Alternatively you can phone them on 01726 852142 or email [email protected]
In addition to being the official partners of the Mount Royal pocket watch range, Bond Hilton also have a variety of other interests. They publish a wide range of specialist jewelery and gift websites. Examples of brands that Bond Hilton Limited are involved in include:
• Carrs Silver of Sheffield
• Arthur Price of England
• Rowallan of Scotland
• Hermle Clocks
Bond Hilton's official website is www.bondhilton.co.uk/, where you can view details of their range of jewelery boxes, cutlery and tableware, photo frames and broadway silver, among other items.

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