Is There A Chart Or Spreadsheet About Mixing Colors?


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There are charts available that show how to mix colours for painting. You may be able to find one in an artist's instruction book that is devoted to the medium you are using, or on the Internet. You can also check art supply shops for a colour wheel, which is a useful aid for painting. By turning the dial on a colour wheel you are able to see the results of mixing colours.

Due to the different formulations, combining paint colours will give you a slightly different result then what your colour wheel shows. However, a colour wheel is still a good rough guide for mixing colours. The better quality pigments you mix, the closer the result will be to that of your colour wheel. Higher quality pigments are called 'Artist's Grade' (as opposed to 'Student Grade'). The colours are more true. When they are combined, the result is vibrant and not muddy.
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There are many charts that you can find online for mixing colours. Any of the colours on the chart can be mixed to create a variety of colours. There are websites like, or which have colour charts that can be immensely useful.

There are some pieces of information about mixing colours that are both basic and noteworthy. Red, Yellow and Blue are primary colours out of which other colours are made. The secondary colours like Orange, Violet and Green are made by mixing equal quantities of primary colours. The tertiary colours are achieved by mixing varying amounts of one primary colour with the adjacent primary colour on the chart. For instance, if you mix a significant amount of red colour with a small amount of blue colour, you will get a reddish-violet colour. Bluish violet colour can also be made by mixing a large quantity of blue colour with a little amount of red colour. The amounts of colours in varying quantities form the hues.

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