Am looking for free firewood in or Around findlay ohio,can anyone help?


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  • Rules and regulations
When looking for firewood you must follow local rules and regulations before taking what you assume is free, unwanted wood.

Trespassing laws often come into play, as the wood that you want to acquire may be on somebody else's land, and is therefore their property. To take this without permission is theft and could possibly be subject to further legal action.

If you want to attain fire wood from another person's land or property, it is advised that you first contact the owner, as generally they will allow individuals to take any felled or unwanted wood they have not already utilized. However it is recommended that you never chop or take wood from healthy trees, without the permission of the land-owner or state/city

  • Where to find firewood

Rather than searching for wood yourself, there are a number of simpler and less time consuming ways to find free wood in the state of Ohio.

These include newspaper classified advertisements and online postings on websites such as:

Alternatively you could ask friends and relatives if they have any old or dead trees they no longer need or would like cutting down. Similarly the forestry commission and furniture makers often offer free wood from the scraps they have left over and even from de-forestation.

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