Do you assume that we will always be able to get fuel at our gas stations and our grocery stores will always be well stocked, that when you flip the switch, the lights will always come on, or when we turn the faucet on, water will always be there?


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More than that I get concerned about what will happen when these things we are used to aren't available. Do you remember a few years ago when the entire Eastern US, all the way to mi & ohio, was in a blackout for a few days?  It was awful and " the reason" was 2 grid lines  crossed paths and then it was because someone flipped or didn't flip a switch - BALONEY. If they won't tell us the truth why should they expect us to believe them?
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No because the world's energy reserves is slowly depleting as the gap between supply and demand closes, with demand outstripping supply since the early 70s.Production has peaked, the price of oil stands at an unprecedented $114 per barrel and like a full glass of wine, the quicker you drink it,the quicker it's gone.Factor in a world population boom, particularly in Asia and world famine, where again demand exceeds supply and we're heading for a global recession.No oil, no food production and no utilities as the free trade market simply will not exist.Money will not be the bargaining tool in this scenario, hence commerce and business will be a thing of the past.Society as such will revert to an agricultural-based way of life.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
I hope you are right about more people becoming farmers. This was a dying breed with descendents selling off the farmlands. One thing of note, We here in the US are blessed with abundant natural resources of coal, natural gas and 200 years worth of oil., most of which are illegal to tap because of government interventions.
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Nope as one day this energy will run out, maybe not in our lifetime but one day so I take nothing for granted
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Joseph Michael Wasik
I though you were more advanced into what is expected in the near future. I feel sorry for you, assuming you haven't been getting prepared.
Joseph Michael Wasik
Times are changing before your eyes and you aren't even aware of these changes.
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Think yourselves lucky here in the UK we have to rely on Russia supplying us with 20% of our gas needs!
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Joseph Michael Wasik
I noticed that there are quite a number of well informed British on this site. Russia, if it wanted to, can criple almost the whole of Europe by turning off its natural gas supply pipeline. They've got you by the throat.

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