My friend says her aunt pays her 15 dollars an hour on Saturdays and if she does a good job cleaning the bar, she gets twice as much money. Do you think this is really fair or is her aunt doing this to please her Niece?


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Sounds like some family favorites going on here as 15 an hour is a lot of money for cleaning
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Maxine Chan
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Yeah probably better than what janitors make, well it is a janitors' job.
Arthur Wright
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Exactly and a whole more more than most people make for skilled labor nowadays
Maxine Chan
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Yeah she is doing for money and her aunt must love her.
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Life is always fair , deal with it , its her luck , she has an aunty kind enough , and so what if her aunt is doing it to please her niece...if a family member owns a business , you're in luck 8)
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That works out at just over £9 per hour in English money, which believe it or not, is slightly lower than what someone would earn over here in the UK.So your friend's aunt is paying the going rate and having worked in a hotel complex during high school and university, I know what cleaning a bar on the weekends is like.No amount of money can be paid for doing a dirty and at times, unpleasant job like that.It's probably why her aunt pays her double money lol.
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Knowing your round about age, I can guess your friends age. If she is making money, in this economy, go for it. Be grateful. I have GMed several bars, and frequently hired out the less desirable jobs to those who were willing to work hard, and start at the bottom. If her aunt owns the bar, she could be grooming her as a future business owner. There is no better place to start, then at the bottom of the rung. Most all creme de le creme of business owners, started at the bottom.
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Adrian Masters
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My dad was a general contractor who built houses. He made me go to work for him the summer between 1st & 2nd grade. I had to clean out all of his new houses that summer, 1967. He told me i could have a dollar a day and be happy or get my butt kicked and do it for free. My dad does not make idle threats. I took the dollar!!! Lol Today i own the company. :)
Lynne Dwyer
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You deserve bullets for that one. Kudos
Adrian Masters
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Thank you very much! :)

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