My toilette runs a lot so I went and got a new flapper and installed it but it still runs, any other suggestions?


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Arthur Wright answered
Yes make sure the rim where the flapper sits is perfectly smooth and the shut off level is 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch below top of filler tube, and that flapper chain isn't too tight as its supposed to be tight with handle in reating position and flapper completely down plus one link
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nicole ardy
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Thanks I will try adjusting evrything and see if that helps..if not do you know if something else can make it run? Or is it for sure to do with the flapper?
Arthur Wright
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Chances are its with the flapper and water tower where is sits, and water tower may be pitted and could need replacing
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Wiggle the handle after you flush or whenever it runs. That usually works for me
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nicole ardy
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It runs for about 20 seconds every 15 mins! I'm thinking a leak or something like that! Its very annoying at night

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