What themes could I use to redecorate my room? I was considering a 'ninja theme' but my mum refused... Do you have any other suggestions? What do you think of leopard-print?


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Both 'leopard print' and 'ninja' themes sound like awesome bedroom designs to me. Perhaps it's worth sitting down with your mum and explaining exactly why you are interested in doing your room up this way.

If your mum still thinks that a 'ninja' theme sounds too wild, perhaps one idea would be to go for a toned down 'Japanese' theme as a way of stealthily sneaking the 'ninja' element back into your design.

Japanese bedroom theme

One thing that might convince your mum to let you go ahead with the Japanese theme is that Japanese bedrooms tend to be rather minimalistic. Whilst this doesn't necessarily mean your mum will immediately approve, implying that you will only need minimal furniture will definitely sit well with your mum's credit card balance.

Things you may want to include in your Japanese bedroom design:

  • Tatami mats
  • Low bed (the lower the better)
  • Shoji screen
  • Japanese lantern
  • Geisha-inspired art work

Turning your bedroom Japanese

The way to approach the design of your bedroom is to start from the ground and work your way up. Tatami mats, which are usually made of rice straw, are a great base for your room, and have the added advantage of feeling great to walk on with feet!

Your bed will be your centerpiece, therefore it's worth spending a little extra time making sure you pick the right one. Stores like Ikea usually have a number of modern-looking designs that will do the trick- remember that with as far as Japanese beds are concerned, the closer to the ground, the better.

Neutral colored dressers flanking the bed will complete the basis for your room. And all that'll be left is to accesorize!

Anything with a cherry-blossom or bamboo print will add to the authentic feel, as will items like lanterns or some Japanese-inspired art work.

Including a shoji screen could be a nice way to partition your room, and it could also double as a screen for hiding the mound of clothes piling up in your room next time your parents complain about it!

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Gothic would be all black lol.How about a Kill Bill theme with samurai swords on the wall, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon wallpaper and a Samurai suit of armour in the corner lol.And don't forget a print of Shane for the wall as well !
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Japanese theme, with a kotatsu table and genkan with sliding paper doors and a banzai tree. With katana hanging up in the walls. Its like ninja but more zen
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Leopard-print is a fabulous fabric/theme for a bedroom. Fun, and yet sophisticated. This is a great place to get some ideas for decorating your bedroom. mariesmanor.fateback.com
As a decorator, there are some rules to follow if you want to pull-off the look you're after. FIRST, decide on your colours; you need three of them: Two that will anchor the room, (such as gold and black), plus a third colour for accent, (pillows, artwork, etc.).
SECOND, decide on, and purchase, your fabrics first: Bedspread, drapes, accent rug.
THIRD, once you have your fabrics, then buy your paint. The reason for this is because it is far easier to match paint to your fabric, than it is to find a fabric to match your paint.
FOURTH, three things anchor a room: Bedding, drapery, and an area rug. The reason for this is because the rug anchors the floor, the bedding anchors the room mid-way up; and the draperies anchor the height of the room.
Many people don't use an area rug, but you will be surprised at how an area rug in your chosen theme, (and that picks up all three colours you've chosen), will absolutely 'finish' the room. It will give your room that 'polished, decorator' look. Don't leave it out.
Once you've anchored the room, the rest is all artistry-- your particular stamp as far as artwork and accesories are concerned.
If all this sounds a bit much, find a room you like by searching the varioius sites for ideas and, when you find one you love, just copy the design. Of course, you can change-up the colours to your preference, but you will have the basic design already done for you.
AND LASTLY, decorating costs money. Usually, we can't do everything all in one shot-- it takes time to be able to afford everything we want. So, you'll want to get the basic design of your room completed and then accessorize as you go along-- finding pieces here-and-there to add to the decor of your room.
Decorating is a blast! Enjoy!
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