What is the maximum time you can soak vegetable seeds before you can plant them in soil?


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Depends on seeds,3-5 hours to 48hours.Generally when the seeds swelled to a larger size, feel soft in texture, and appear a few shades lighter in color, it means that the water has fully penetrated the seed. So, you are ready to plant them.
Other method of pre-sprouting seeds is ''Chitting Seeds'': Good for  plants that have reliably low germination rates.
To "Chitting" place the seeds in a wet paper towel.  Place the paper towel into a unsealed plastic bag/ container , leave it in a bright, shady, warm spot of the house and check it daily to watch root growth progress. This is important keep the paper damp and as SOON as you see the tiny radicle tip begin to emerge from the seeds, sow them as you would normal seeds.
Handle the little sproutlings carefully when you put them up in pots,you can use tweezers, if you put more water on the paper towels they will slide off pretty well without breaking the roots. Also I started most of mine indoors.
For :
Tomato seeds- I soak them in water for about 3-4 hours/ plase on damp paper towels , keep in a warm spot ( 68-70 degrees is optimum). They will sprout in a few days, check for tips every day
cucumber seeds- soak for 6 to 12 hours, then put them on damp paper towels,  70-85 degrees is optimum.
Hard coated seeds like Bean, Morning Glories, etc., -soak seeds for 48 hours.
Carrot seeds- overnight.
Peas -12 to 48 hours. Also I add Vitamin C in the water, half tablet in a quart of water
pepper -overnight, keep in a very warm spot. 85 degrees is optimum.
Eggplant -3-4 hours
spinach- DO NOT cover the seed, it needs light to sprout.
Lettuce- start indoors and must not be planted too deeply. Also lettuce like cooler temperatures
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