Explain The Terms Infestation And Disinfestations With Special Reference To Tapeworm?


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In tapeworm, the development of the zygote begins while it is still inside the uterus of female. The last segments or proglottides and their uteri contain completely developed embryo. The fully mature proglottides break off from the body and pass out of the body of man along with faeces. The embryo inside the egg is round in shape and has six chitinous hooks. It shows limited movement of contraction. In order to develop further it must reach a second host, which may be a cow. The parasite remains embedded in the voluntary muscles of cow. If a person eats an improperly cooked beef, the parasite, which has not been killed, begins to develop further in the intestine of man.

This infestations:
Once the parasite has entered the intestine of man it is difficult to remove it completely. In this respect care should be taken to cook beef properly before eating it. So that there is no chance of the parasite entering the digestive system but if it has entered then certain medicines are taken to remove it.

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