How To Keep Vellum From Curling?


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It pretty much depends on what vellum product your dealing with. The methods will vary accordingly.

There is one case where a four hundred year old will made out of vellum was framed to keep it from curling. You can try doing that if you have some sort of vellum sheet or something similar. While painting or decorating a vellum sheet you can keep heavy paper weights on the sides to keep it from curling.
Vellum comes from Vélin, which is Old French for "calfskin". It is a kind of parchment, which is typically used as a material for codex or for the pages of a book. It is characterized by its smooth, thin and durable properties. Strictly speaking, vellum must only be made from skin of calves, and the term vellum was used for the best quality of parchment.

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