Adam And Eve Lived In The Garden Of Eden. Please Identify All Nouns In The Above Sentence. My Answer Is Adam, Eve, Garden Of Eden. Is That Correct?


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Adam.Eve and Garden of Eden. Unless Garden of Eden was not the name of the place. I think it is though. therefore it is a noun. For example : Red River is the name of a river even though Red is a colour used to describe it. the name is Red River there by making it a noun.
In this case Garden is capitalized If it wasn't The sentence would probably be structured different.
Adam and Eve lived in Eden. They sometimes hung out near the garden..
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It is very simple to identify the noun from above phrase. If still you are having an issue in differentiating the noun then the reviews will provide the perfect help.

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The answer is Adam, Eve, Garden, and Eden; since Eden is the name of the garden.

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