How Can I Fix My Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum Game Because It Keeps Saying Error? What Is In The 1st Place?


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Well .cab means cabinet file probably from the installer.  Where is this happening?  When you install from disk?  Or when you play the game?  If is when you play from game it means the disc you installed from is bad.  Actually if its from install the disc might be bad as well.  Or the alternative is that  file got deleted.  If you need help I can hook you up with a new one to fix the problem seeing that you already own the game, I assume.
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When i try to install the game it stops in the middle and when we went to my aunt's house we tried to install it on her laptop and it didn't work so maybe the disk is bad.
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My disk stops at the point also, and I get that same Error. Is there a way one of you could send me the

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