How often should I weatherproof my wooden fence?


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Take the time to weather-proof your wood fence and it will last for years, saving you money in the long run.

Weatherproof your fence

Choose a good quality wood preserver product from your hardware store. There will be a large range of colors and products so consider if you'd like to go traditional with a nice shade of brown or whether you'd like to experiment with color this time around. A green wash can look natural and complement your plant scene and a blue wash can add a nautical theme to a modern city garden.

Calculate the amount of product you'll need so you buy the correct size tub. Equip yourself with some old clothing to protect your clothes from stains and consider using gloves if your hands are sensitive. Read the instructions on the product as it may recommend using eyewear as well. Take care not to splash paint on the ground, plants or patio. Keep animals and children away from the preservative, both when you are painting and afterwards. You can also use this as a good opportunity to make any repairs to your fence if needed.

How to paint your fence

I would recommend painting your fence with preservative once a year in the springtime. Pick a day when the weather is clear and no rain is forecast. Start early in the season so your garden plants have not yet sprung into life, making it easier to paint all of the fence, without plants getting in the way.

Spending a day on fence maintenance makes sense in the long run and a tin of paint is considerably cheaper than renewing a whole fence.

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