How Do I Remove Crayon And Stickers From My Wardrobe?


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shawn n/a Profile
shawn n/a answered
For the crayon,you can get a magic eraser from Mr Clean,and it works great on stuff like that and scuff marks too. It looks like a spong, and you can dampen it, then scrub at the offending marks.

For the sticker? I recommen some stuff literally called 'goo gone'. It comes in a small clean bottle and has very easy directions.It specializes in removing sticky material like that.
Hallie baker Profile
Hallie baker answered
Go to boots get some cleaning sticker disinfectant.
Paul Silva Profile
Paul Silva answered

I heard about  this mayonnaise work on those sticky
surface. Just put a layer on top of the area wait few minutes and wipe it out.finally wardrobe smooth and freely

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