How Do I Remove Crayon And Stickers From My Wardrobe?


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shawn n/a Profile
shawn n/a answered
For the crayon,you can get a magic eraser from Mr Clean,and it works great on stuff like that and scuff marks too. It looks like a spong, and you can dampen it, then scrub at the offending marks.

For the sticker? I recommen some stuff literally called 'goo gone'. It comes in a small clean bottle and has very easy directions.It specializes in removing sticky material like that.
Hallie baker Profile
Hallie baker answered
Go to boots get some cleaning sticker disinfectant.
doctor C Profile
doctor C answered
Use pine sol or bleach
Paul Silva Profile
Paul Silva answered

I heard about  this mayonnaise work on those sticky
surface. Just put a layer on top of the area wait few minutes and wipe it out.finally wardrobe smooth and freely

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