How Do I Make A Box That Will Hold 0.75 Cubic Feet Of Firewood?


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.75 cubic feet is only 1/64 of a rick of wood. It will be a very small box. It needs to be at least 18 in long for a stick of wood to fit, and oh yea, firewood varies in diameter because trees vary in diameter and shape. A rick of wood is 48 cubic feet- 4' x 8' x 18" (1.5'). I'd say just keep workin on it til you build one you're happy with.
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Can't believe I attempted to answer that question, but once I got started, just rode it out (must be tired) he sucked me right in
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A box that is 8" by 9" by 18" will be 3/4 ft^3.

It will hold one or two pieces of split firewood, maybe. If the wood is cut 2 ft long, it won't hold any. (Lol)

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