What Chore In The House Do You Hate To Do Most?


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Anything that has to do with animals.  Hair and poop arent my favorite things in the world lol.  How are you doing melady?
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Michelle Phy
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Been hanging in there. I have many animals & can relate to the hair thing but not much else. Mine are well trained for messes or they deal with me. Not pretty!!
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Putting up dishes or clothes. It seems as time goes by, there is less and less space to put things. And I hate packing clothes in drawers when there is no room  in them. Asking my kids to organize their drawers is so stressful , so it makes it even more hard to find room for things.
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Michelle Phy
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I can totally relate. I have that OCD disease or disorder or disfunction or whatever name you want to put on it. If things arent organized, clean & tidy i go half insane Lol Thanks for answering.
Angela H
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Well, the problem is you feel you are digging in a hole and getting nowhere.
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Cleaning the rugs - moving the furniture so I can clean them.
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I hae dishes...however I can not stand a dirty bathroom or kitchen!!
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I have been domesticated yrs. Ago...lol.  (cooks, cleans,etc..)
But me and my last gf had it perfect...I cooked and she cleaned
In 7yrs. She made me one meal (pasta) and it was decided then....that she will never cook again...lol.
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Getting out of bed. HaHaHa
I hate to burn trash. Its a long walk to the pit. HaHaHa
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Michelle Phy
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I'll agree with the getting out of bed part. Here it is after 1:00am & i have to be up at 5am but i can never get the nite owl out of me Lol. Thanks for answering :)

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