Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them?


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You are too funny, ha ha remember the body is made from dirt, you can bathe and a hour later you can bathe again and see body oil and dirt, the towel collects the dirt as you dry off and becomes wet, once it dries it has a odor and does not smell fresh any more, so it should be washed before the next use, that is like asking why not bathe and put on the same clothes, no you need everything fresh after a bath.....girl you have too much time on your hands...SMILE..♥♥
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Lynne Dwyer
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Apparently you do too. :)
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Our body is made of dirt, its contain lost of dust , sweating oil ,etc
Its necessary to clean our body, clothes. And As we are using towel they should be comfortable, clean , soft etc
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You use a towel( ? ) hahahahahaha. I air dry especially in the summer.hahahahaha. And  i don't have to dry my hair because i don't really have a lot on my skull.(the hair on my nugget is only about 3/4"long).talking about taking a shower,when i was taking my drivers training cdl, we were at a truck stop and all the showers were being used so one guy decided to put on his shorts and went outside in the pouring rain at the time and took a shower.shampooed and soaped up  then let the rain wash him off. I'll never forget it.what's that one soap commercial irish springs fresh. Ahhhh! Hahahahaha.
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Been there / Done that. You'd be surprised at the difference of cleanliness. Do it everytime we have hurricanes. No power to run the well. W even puts me up a little curtain, so I don't scare the neighorhood children. Lol
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Cuz too keeps us cleaner and to dry us
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Because we should keep healthy, the bath towels will be too dirty if we clean them when we use them.

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