What's the only thing you would save if your house was on fire or you needed to evacuate for some other reason?


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Mark Brookshire Profile
Mark Brookshire answered
My porn collection. HaHaHa
Joking!!! My dog first and if I could I would grab my collection of home movies. There are some things that can't be replaced.

"Ah Mr Insurance Man, I had a collection of illegally copied movies. About a thousand of them and they all burned". I wonder if he would even answer me with a reply. LMAO
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Kk polly answered

My iPod and my hamsters. There's a possibility the fish would survive, right?

hafsa riaz Profile
hafsa riaz answered
Lifes nd money it'll buy meh any other requirement i want!
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Keith Old answered
G'day Bonghit,

Thank you for your question.

My life and anyone else's if there was someone else staying. I have home and contents insurance.

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Joe B.
Joe B. commented
Smart man, but other than lives.... There are no possessions which are invaluable to you? One of kind for sentimental reasons?
Keith Old
Keith Old commented
Not really.
Keith Old
Keith Old commented
The photo of my mother father and me as a baby

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