What are some important things to do in the two weeks leading up to a house-move?


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Dan Banks , Housed-nomad. , answered

I always get excited when I'm about to move house (I do it often enough), but then I remember how much of a chore it can be!

There's always so much to do two weeks before moving, but just so you don't forget, here's what I normally try to get done:

  • Packing: This one is the most obvious, and also one of the most boring! Try to start packing your stuff up slowly throughout the two weeks and don't leave it all to the last day. Whenever I pack in a more organised fashion I always seem to lose less stuff.
  • Bills: Again, this isn't much fun either, but it's something that has to be done. Make sure you either cancel, change the address of or set up a new account for all your bills at the new address. You'll need to do this for your: Council tax, gas, electricity, internet, TV, phone, TV license, water and insurance. Most of this can be done online nowadays, which makes it a lot easier!
  • Cleaning: This one is by far my least favourite of the lot! When you leave your house you should make sure you leave it in good condition. This is especially true if you are leaving rented accommodation - as a letting agency will try and withhold some of your deposit if they have to pay for a cleaner.

I think that's the most important bases covered. Although, I always find that something gets forgotten whenever you go through a move!

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Emily Johnson , Home And Garden Lover, answered

If you decide to move to another house, these are tips I recommend before you start:

Move in all serenity. It's time for you to install permanently. Your old house should be released, sold or rented... Plan Well in advance to avoid double rentals in requesting all available aid. It's the same thing for the new housing, associates your whole family in the choice. And sometimes, rather than too much hassle to rent a van and exhausting yourself in an endless move, opt for a mover is not necessarily much more expensive. It also prevents breaking the back and allows you to focus on the installation of the whole family. Also, I recommend homeowners to choose types of windows easy for replacement and installation such as double hung window, casement windows, etc.

Good luck :)

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Two weeks prior to a move is quite a tight constraint if you haven’t done much already. You should fully utilize this time to perform the logistical portion like contacting the service providers to stop your telephone and utilities supplies, getting your mails re-routed, renting the necessary storage units, and so on. This period should be your final stage before the whole process gets executed.

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Mel Brandle answered

Honestly, 2 weeks isn't that much time left so by now you should have everything more or less packed and stowed away in storage boxes waiting for the truck. You can then take this time to handle the miscellaneous like changing of address for the mails, internet and telephone services, subscriptions and so on. You should also ensure that the group of movers or removalists have been confirmed by now and reconfirm the moving date and time. If all is well in place, take this couple of weeks to relax and destress before the real chore takes place.

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mary adam answered

Close gas, electric and water accounts and open new ones at your new residency.  Contact council regarding your taxes. Transfer TV licenses, media etc to new property.  Make sure post can be passed on to new tenancy for at least a year.

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