In your opinion, what makes a home beautiful?


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I think what makes a home beautiful is the kinds of people living in the home, how clean the home is, and the home's personality (as in the artwork, how its structured, how the furniture is arrange, etc).

When it comes to the types of people, I have to get a good vibe from each person. There are certain people who I just don't get good vibes or feelings from and that kind of ruins the atmosphere of any place, not just a home.

I don't have a certain style when it comes to the home's personality. I tend to like a minimalist approach with tons of open space, a very artsy type with a lot of decorations, and a a tight-fit style where all the furniture and decorations are tightly packed together perfectly like a puzzle.

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I'll go even deeper and say energy. Positive energy combined with few decorating and home improving tips would be my answer.

And beautiful home can be quite a subjective term.

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In my opinion a beautiful home has uncluttered space, clean lines. Artwork and stain glass as well as living plants helps to make it more pleasing to the eye.

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The decoration, the people that live in, and the environment around.

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According to me the homes in Montgomery are better for living. All homes are master planned and living style is amazing. They created fitness center, beach and lakes for enjoyments with family. They also created Sports court like basketball and tennis complex for kids.

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Good evening. In general it is difficult to say what makes home beautiful. Usually it is design, but it is not so simple to create something really unique and modern now. I recently read about glass partition systems for home on and this idea looks great as for me. What do you think about this?

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