Need Parts For A Husky Tile Cutter Model# Thd950l?


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Depending on what part you need, you might be able to purchase it through the product's manufacturer, the store or company from which you purchased the tile cutter, or your local do-it-yourself (DIY) hardware, home and garden shop. Each one of these locations could carry the necessary parts, but your best bet will be to go through Chevron, which is the company that produces the Husky line of tile saws.

A quick and easy search for "Husky THD 950L Tile Saw" on any online search engine should lead you to the product's official page. If not, add "huskysupport" to your search query. Hopefully that will give you better results.

The official page is quite simple and contains four tabs of information: Features, technical specifications, warranties, and replacement parts. The company also offers a parts breakdown in a downloadable or online-viewable .pdf file, so you can be sure that you're ordering the exact parts that you need. This is accomplished through a very clear numbered diagram where all parts are illustrated and identified.

The parts tab functions as an online store. It contains a list of every purchasable part for you tile cutter, and these parts are numerically organised per the information contained in the aforementioned parts breakdown. Purchasing parts couldn't be easier. Just find the parts you wish to purchase, input the quantity you want, and click the "add to cart" button. Don't worry about making any mistakes -- you can adjust your order in your virtual shopping cart later.

Parts prices vary in range from the $1.35 slip bar stopper to the $87.19 stand, which comes in two varieties. As the company is American, these prices are in USD.

You might be able to find these products elsewhere, perhaps even at lower costs, but the official product website will be your best place to begin.
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I have one with burnt out motor
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You'll have to inquire of the company, or a local lawn and garden repair store.

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