Do you prefer your place to be spotless or clean with a bit of mess and or clutter? I prefer clean with some mess.. Seems more homelike/cozy.


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Anika Chan answered

I like my room clean but not with an OCD type of neatness. Its weird that I easily find stuff I need when my room is a bit messy. :D

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Roy Lovett
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You know, it's weird.. I can be super ocd about certain things but my room is an absolute mess xD... When I was in school, I'd get mad if my locker, backpack, binders.. Whatever was messy but not my house xD... My friends found that weird ^^
Anika Chan
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:D im only OCD when it comes to work i a project or paperwork.
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Ancient Hippy answered

I can't stand clutter, I like everything in it's place. My house is pretty clean except for the dog toys all over the place.

Dakota  Mackenzie Profile

Clean with some mess c: I have clothes everywhere lol but it's comfortable and my bf and friends don't mind xp

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I like my place clean and i can always put the things in it place. I don't like messy place and dirty place. Due to messy and dirty you can't find your things properly.

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Mizuki Himeji answered

Maybe 50/50  so somewhat clean but also messy

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