Rain forecast scheduled: Will roofers continue to work in the rain and complete the work?


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crow robot Profile
crow robot answered

No they should cover it with a tarp till clear weather

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

I doubt it .. A wet roof surface would increase risk for injuries and falls .. And .. If the roof is tarped .. By removing the tarp it would allow the roof to leak. Their tools would also be compromised during rain .. electrical tools and compressors etc can't be used in the rain.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

You don't want water trapped under your roofing material. It will lead to mold and rot. They need it to be dry to finish, and to protect the warranty.

Audrey Wright Profile
Audrey Wright answered

Probably not, and it's not a good idea too. If the roof is not entirely covered and sealed, working under the rain will cause it to leak into the house and start doing the damage it's supposed to prevent..

They should cover it and wait for clear weather.

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