What role does electricity play in our lives?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Now my answer will be directed to the younger generations as many of us elders hav grown up not having the luxury of electricity all the time. That said, the younger Generations could not survive long without electricity as it powers their games, recharges their cell phones, powers their computers, tablets, TV, electronic games and now even charges these smart cars. It gives us light, cooking power so we can eat warm meals, keeps refrigerators cold for cold drinks like your Monster Drinks, (beer for Adults) .  Just look around you and youll see why electricity is so very important nowadays and if that doesn't do it, then think what would happen to your lifes in the electric grids were shut down, what all you would lose

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I read that electricity is virtually indispensable to our modern civilization. Nearly everyone makes some use of electricity every day. But due to its potential danger, it demands respect. Treated properly, electricity is an extremely useful friend. Ignore its properties, and the results can be shocking, even fatal!

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