Why is it so hard to get work done on a house? I had a cracked Andersen window that needed to be replaced. It is so difficult to find anyone to do simple jobs like installing a new window.


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Geez ! Out here glass companies would be fighting each other to get the work but let me guess : Your window is no longer available so you need to replace them all ! I heard that story a couple of times before a guy said he would find the closest match and do the job. It looks great ! I would try a handyman if I were you! They'll work with you more and do good work.

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I joined Angie's List, and I can always find someone to work on my house and do so promptly. We needed a window replaced in Kansas home and called a highly recommended company. They came out within two days took the measurements and had a new window made and replaced within a week. There was still an issue of it fogging up and they came out and replaced it again within less than a week, and as I would expect, without any extra charge.

We need a fence for our new house, I called another highly recommended company last Thursday. They were here on Monday right on schedule. They are not only pulling the city permits but also getting the approval from my HOA. They said they will start sometime from 2-4 weeks and the only reason they couldn't say more exactly is because they are dealing with the HOA, and they are not always quick to respond.

Angie's List now has an app where you don't need to join. Maybe check it out?

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It is so hard to get work done on my house (it is only 15 years old) that I just don't try to have things done anymore.

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