What should I need to do if found asbestos in my home?


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You found asbestos in your home first If you think of Removing asbestos material, do not remove it yourself Call a trained and licensed asbestos professional Asbestos.

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1st things first .. Did you just buy your home. If it was not divulged to you that there is asbestos present there could be some legal ramifications in terms of the purchase of your home.

Find out if your home owners insurance has coverage for a removal, or to have it sealed and covered over.

Call around and talk to contractors in your area that are licensed to handle it and dispose of it.  Emphasis on licensed.  It is a hazardous waste and there are very specific permits that need to be in place in order to do a removal .. IF it is deemed necessary to remove it.  It may not be.  Asbestos insulation or siding (for example) is often just sealed and covered over .  It may be better to not disturb it at all.  A licensed contractor can help decide what the best thing to do is.

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I think you have to call a trained and licensed asbestos professional Asbestos because you don't remove asbestos from your home.

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