Today is our house's birthday. We moved in on Friday 13th, 52 years ago. We bought it a ham as a present. Is it OK if we eat it ourselves or would that be a bit selfish?


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Congratulations. Sip some Hot Lemon Herbal Tea and toast to another 52 years ;)

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Didge Doo
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Thanks, Jam. Everybody tells me the first 52 years are the hardest. The next 52 should be a snap. :)
Jann Nikka
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DD, I'm so HAPPY and I'm smiling for your family.👪
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A house isn't a home without its occupants, so I am sure you house would want you to partake in the celebratory ham. Afterall you and your family are what made it more than just a house. You made it a home!

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Didge Doo
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Thanks, GB. I feel so much better about it now. I thought it was a bit mean to eat the ham.

Maybe I'll clean the windows instead. :)
PJ Stein
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If you are going to clean windows I have some you can do! lol

Wow 52 years in the same home! 7 years is the longest I have ever been in one home. I plan on staying in this house untill they take me out in a body bag or on a gurney to a nursing home. If I make it 52 years here, I will be 105!
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And a sprightly centenarian you'll be. :)
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I think your house would want you to enjoy the ham. You should probably fry some ham up so your house smells like bacon. Even as a person who doesn't eat pork I can appreciate the smell of bacon. I think your house would appreciate it too. BACON SMELL'S GOOD :E vanilla smells better though . It's the best smell in the world. I've gone off topic . Eat that ham :)

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Did you buy the ham as a present when you moved in? If so, I would say let the house eat it.  If you bought the ham now, then it would be ok to eat it yourselves.

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Didge Doo
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Bought it this morning.

But I remember once reading that a South Pole expedition had found Scott's food cache from his 1912 (?) expedition and even after something like 80 years it still tested edible. I dunno if they actually ate it or conducted some other kind of test. Maybe they fed it to the dogs.
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It depends if it's a male house or female house.

If it is male eat the ham, if it is female give it a paint job in one of the rooms.

(Advice from a house expert which is not me.)

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Didge Doo
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That's a very perceptive answer, Rik. The builders didn't specify the gender but if it was male I think it would have a chimney. I'll treat it as female and get out the paint brushes.
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A chimney........

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