I'm looking for a reliable appliance repair service. Any advice is appreciated?


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If you edit your question and tell us the country and town you live in, we could probably help you.

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Kerry Bratton
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Hi Magda. There is an appliance repair company serving Fresno and surrounding areas. I used that service for couple of times, and that was ok. Here are their contacts: tel: (559) 478-2040. Website: http://www.applianceservicesfresno.com/p/hpage.html
Ancient Hippy
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There you go Magda, Kerry came through for you, and with good recommendations.
Magda Laraman
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thanks for help guys. I'm gonna to call them.
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Good day, I can advise you on appliancerepairqc. Appliance repair near me will always help you in times when you have a breakdown in household appliances. Most of the time they have same day service. Technicians work according to your schedule.

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