do you like planting flowers in the summer time around your house? Do you mind taking care of them? I think we will get the little Azaleas. These are the pink, red and white ones, each will be single color.


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I have flowers around all year. I live in Florida so that makes it easier, but even when I lived up north I kept them inside my inside. I have some that are in pots that I have had for years. They go out on the patio in the spring and come in before the first freeze. I use perennials that come back year after year so I don't need to replant every year. We have been having a warm winter and our azaleas have already bloomed. Infact I have a lot of things blooming right now that I shouldn't. My hedges were blooming through the Christmas lights.

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Love them, A little trick that I found is using disposable diapers to help conserve water and make watering less frequent in my hanging flower pots. Diapers have a compound ( not sure what its called ) in them that wick up and hold liquids. It turns into a water saving gel-like substance. I just open the diapers ( clean ones ) and scrap off this stuff and add it to the soil. It also makes the hanging baskets much lighter and helps aerate the soil. ( Don't use this for edible veggies though !!! )

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Gardening is a great stress reliever and helps with depression. 

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Now that the drought here looks over, I'll be looking forward to planting flowers and such and don't mind taking care of them at all !

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