Do you see a mouse in this video: god is this mouse annoying . I just now got a video of it (been freaking me out for days). Cant make it leave my room?


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Yikes !! And she's not afraid of you either !! She's getting food from somewhere in there, or else from somewhere else and bringing it to a nest.  Since she's not afraid, she will be easy to trap. 

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Oh trust me--- she is afraid! it was not easy to get this video. I had to be almost silent in my bed and put the towel there so she would have more time in the spotlight. It started where suddenly I thought I saw a mouse from my bed, then I started going out of my way to look at the place they run across. They usually do the "freeze" and if I make any noise-- run back under the recliner.

Obviously Ive made the trips much less frequent because I put the towel there. I think it was wrong time wrong place! probably was bringing food back like you said. She been trying to leave for a while before that vid though....

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