how do you charge for commercial cleaning?


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Research online prices and services.

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I don't.

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Commercial cleaning
services provides help for offices, restaurants, medical facilities, schools
and much more. Some customers hire professional cleaners for a one time service
and other use multiple times a week on a regular basis.

Several factors
affect the cost of commercial cleaning

Square Footage

The larger the space
to be cleaned, the higher the cost because the work will take more time and
also manpower will be used more.

Windows and Bathrooms

Windows and bathrooms
will take more time to clean. The greater number of windows to be washed, the
greater the total cleaning cost will be.

Flat Rate

Some commercial
cleaners charge flat rate to clean the commercial space.

Hourly Rate

In some areas, some
commercial cleaners charge hourly rate for cleaning the space.

I used many commercial cleaning services, but I feel
that London commercial cleaners is providing the best services across the world
and their prices are very affordable.

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As for me, it is not a problem at all. The first thing is to choose the correct cleaning company. For instance, after I started to work with any, I realized how it is convenient. To have the quality service company in your shrotlist.

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