which one is better to live in town or city?


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Barb Cala answered

It all depends on what someone wants.  Each of them have good and bad things about them.  Different areas of the world have different definitions of what is a town or city.  Where I grew up .. A city could have maybe only 20,000 people .. And a town might have more.  It all depends on if they're incorporated, etc.

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Hanery Kroze answered

I would like to say it all depends on what kind of life you prefer. People are always fond of changing and longing for something new happen.If you experienced both, you may get your own decision.

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ly fen chen answered

I prefer living in a town with many business and convenient for doing somethings, such as there are the metro, bus, tramway etc. I don't have a car so, i would like to have many small business around my area.

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Alisa Reed , Commercial Street Furniture, answered

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