What is Phenolic board and what field does it usually be used?


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I just know one kind of board named solid phenolic board and its another name is HPL board which is usually used for construction such as toilet partitions,tables,lockers,etc.For its features,it could be used in many fields and it always performs well but it will cost you a little higher.

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Phenolic resin board is an ideal material for drop-in table mounting systems. It's very durable, nearly friction-free, and stiff enough to support even the heaviest routers. It can be cut, drilled and sanded with ease, no special tooling required.  It is also useful for construction of a variety of jigs, templates and accessories.

This item is used in the router mortising jig presented in the April 2005 edition of Workbench Magazine.

It's normally used in woodworking.

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