What is the normal lifetime of a outdoor table?


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Normally over 20 years.You could notice that some toilets in five-star hotels looks so cool and exactly they are durable too.Most of them are made of HPL which we Jialifu is also operating as a kind of high-quality boards for toilet partitions.As to counters and other parts,it is same.

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Depends what the table is made of.

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Hello! I really like to relax by my pool and have purchased outdoor furniture adirondack bar chairs for more comfort. These bar stools are made from weather resistant HDPE material. It is renewable, recyclable, durable, ages beautifully. This bar stool meets the requirements of safety, durability and sustainability. There are 3 colors on the site to match any outdoor space. The middle tray table is removable and has an opening for an outdoor umbrella. Withstands sun, rain, blizzard, strong wind.

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