Why is it that we beautify our home?


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Jann Nikka answered

My 🏡 is my favorite place to be, it brings me great joy and peace. Its as beautiful as my 😃.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Everyone decorates their home to their own taste ! Most of us like our homes clean and nice looking because that's where we spend the most time.

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Matt Radiance answered

1.Beauty is the nature of humans and this planet, we love to craft, build, decorate and keep things clean, specially if we spending an extended time inside it.

2.Beauty is directly in relation with our mind, our emotions respond to beauty, it amazes us and excites us, this is our nature to admire the beauty and so for it's existence, we do try and discover new skills.

3.Decorating is also a profession knowledge on it's own, a course to study and a skill to improve.

4.House decorating is in co-relation of our psychological status, the way we decorate our homes can tell us about our personality and also can impress our emotions, makes us happier or fill us with anger in long term, even if we don't recognize it. So some do care about it's beauty cause they know how important it is.

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Albert Carves answered

You should decorate your home by some paintings & accessories. Because these are the first & foremost things to look for when it comes to designing a house.

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Because we like to be surrounded by things we like. 

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Phoebe Mertens answered

It's a human habit.

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To "beautify" is very subjective. I'd actually say that the word would be "personalise" instead - keeping things properly in storage and ensuring that everything is organized yet lending your own personal touch to the different living spaces in the articles and decorations that you place.

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