What is the requirement for your office table,customized and comfortable?


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I purchased a metal chair $8 and leather ( pleather) cushion $5 from Walmart. 

No problems.

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Liu Iris
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Walmart?ok,I will try it ,thanks☺
Aakar Jain
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You can buy furniture from Walmart. It's a great store to buy at affordable price. For the decoration accessories, you can go with Rajrang as they are having a fantastic collection of office decoration items like pen holders, ashtray, office set, notepad, diary and many more. You can check here https://www.rajrang.com/home-decor/desk-accessories.html
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Both.I am pretty sure what I want,if it is allowed,I would like to keep a series of tables about Transformers 2,it may sounds a little immature but so cool,isn't it?I know it may be too ideal but I have seen that on many online shop IKEA,Walmart,JIALIFU which could help me achieve my dream.

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I'll make sure about the sitting space and comfort in the chair, specially the seat, splat and handles. I'll fit there soft pillow or leather for more comfort.

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