Bad neighbors stories? All my neighbors are good to each. We're all 55+ and older. 


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I previously posted my heart warming story of our neighbors now so I will tell the story of a neighbor my husband had back in the day when we first met....... LOL!

My husbands family had just moved in to their place and their neighbors decided to say hi. After a few weeks I hear my husband say "she wont leave!" I said what do you mean? Yang replied "The wife! We invited them in and now she comes over everyday to play video games! She just walks in, grabs a controller and sits down. She plays for hours with out even looking up! She wont leave!" I chuckled. So Yang's family finally had to put their foot down and tell her husband to tell her "no more!" Well it was near Thanksgiving time and the husband (whom was much more chummy then the wife) invited Yang's family over for Thanksgiving dinner. They didn't want to seem un-neighborly so they accepted. This is when the story gets real funny! They walked in to their neighbors house and sat down at the table. There was cockroaches EVERYWHERE! I mean these critters had no fear! They literally was part of the family I believe.... Like pets or something! The roaches didn't even scurry away like normal roaches would when a light shines upon them! My husbands sisters eyes grew wide as one crawled on the turkey and the husband said as he served her plate "oh darlin' they gotta eat to!" and brushed it off her plate like it was no big deal. By this time I am laughing hysterically! He said they ran out of the house and never went back. The neighbors ended up moving shortly after that.

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When I was in 6th grade there was a boy who had a crush on me who lived in my townhouse complex. Well I had to tell him I didn't feel the same way. He didn't take it well because every day he would sit outside my house and sing me love songs. He had the worst voice ever. After a week of his warbling love songs, my daddy had to tell him to move on. I felt bad for the little Romeo, but that voice....

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I could fill this page with the oddballs that have lived near me. Everything from a pedophile living next door to rocks and a broken bottle thrown in my pool. So nice to have good neighbors now !

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I'm not sure if I've told this neighbor story or not, so here it is. We had a family in our hood and their brains were not too well developed. The mother knocked on our front door like a maniac one day and accused my youngest son (about 8 years old) of pulling down her daughters pants. She wanted to beat my son up. My wife tied to dispute her accusations but she wouldn't hear of it. I called the police and when they got there, they listened to her story and then wanted to question my son. I told the cops that it was impossible because he's in Florida (we live in PA) and has been for the last two weeks.
Since then, this lady was locked up for almost a year after throwing a telephone at her husband. She missed him and hit her 8 year old daughter.

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The worst I have ever had was a hoarder. I think I have told this story before, but he had a garage and it was filled to the brim with junk. He also did very little maintenance. The wood on the side of his garage had rotted and the whole side fell off. The only reason the garage didn't fall down was because the junk inside held it up. I had to call the city to have him fix it.

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after the last trailer park im in heaven now

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The last one was a nightmare for you. Glad you and motormouth kitty are in a better place!
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thanx danae you need to answer more questions here i know your here with the thanku
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Unfortunately, I've had some health issues the last couple of weeks so I haven't been on much. Things are improving - it's just taking time. I hate getting old!!!

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