What is the purpose of burning incense sticks?


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Actually because it opens up your sense of smell which helps open your mind also. It's relaxing in some cultures. Great article here about the nice things that incense can do.

Why Burn Incense | Burning Incense - SpiritualScents

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Dear Sensari Sensari,

The traditional use of incense is devotional! So much so that incense is the archetypal symbol for prayers in the work of Carl Jung...

Rooster Cogburn found an excellent article, I lifted a little bit of it for you...

"Perhaps the most common use of incense in the past was to create a space for ritual and ceremonial work.  The smoke of the incense rising up to heaven is a universal symbol of prayer and offering.  ...the smell of incense immediately transports you into a more reverent frame of mind."

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I don't really know ... I used to burn incense in my bedroom when I was a teenager and had my hair dyed black and was oh so very cool... I was kinda an idiot then I guess :)

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In many churches , incense is offered in ceremonies and liturgy. Among Asians, many families burn incense at temples or before household altars to honor their gods and safeguard the dead. In religious services, incense has been variously used to fumigate, heal, purify, and protect.

Incense has recently enjoyed a revival even among those not professing a religion. Some burn incense in connection with meditation.

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