How you wish to decorate your home?


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Jann Nikka answered

90% of my home is decorated in pastel yellow. Similar. 

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Pepper pot answered

GINGER BREAD HOME DESIGN COMPANY is formed with zeal to provide a better interior environment, and our aim is to deliver our best designs to all our reputable clients. We are a team of everyday cooks who just love to bake, coming together to achieve edible interiors. See our fabulous interior above with bread kitchen shelves with wafer cupboards, and beautiful fire place made with lebiniz butter biscuits. When one's home is made of deliciousness, then one only needs to lean over and take a nibble, this will save on many trips to the shops, especially in the cold weather.

Best interior designers in Gingerbread Valley

Stormy-Lynn Calvert Profile

I have a woods, country, nature type of feel to my home. I love the woods!

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PJ Stein answered

My house is casual with hints of beach décor. I like light and airy, and many of the things I have displayed are things my husband and I have picked up from our travels.

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alina simmons , Final Year Interior Designer, answered

Hey, I love wood work, so if you ask me then i would choose some wood work in my home decoration. I mostly choose some artistic wood work furniture, as i already have some artistic wardrobes in my room with some awesome hand work..

So in my point you should consider some wood furniture to give your room a royal look.



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Annabel Bryony answered

I decorate each year my home. I always look forward to use some unique techniques and ideas for decorating. I love to decorate my home quite often a time.

I usually keep no burden on my children. I decorate it as I do every year. Last year  I have decorated it using great home improvement designs that I purchased from Imshoppingfor. My children and husband praised me a lot for my effort of decorating the home. The items I purchased are of great quality and of eye catchy designs.

I think all should design their home in a better way so that it will be attractive for the guests.

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

(Remember) Less is always more.

Edward Thirlwall Profile

So many different styles, so little time! I personally like the minimalist look - it takes a lot of planning to balance out the amount of storage space and actual furniture that you have placed out in the centre of the living areas. But it's also important to have some accents of colour and texture while you're at it too!

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David Taylor answered

Wall, floor, and bedding; these three things are essential for the decoration of any bedroom. I am using Novaform Grande Mattress for my own bedroom, and I like to use red gorgeous carpet for the decoration of bedroom.

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Martin Garret answered

In order to make a beautiful decoration of my house, I decided to buy myself some beautiful carpets. You can also use this source to look at different options for Persian or modern or vintage or antique carpets. In my opinion, this is a good way to insulate the room and decorate it at the same time.

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