What Is The Theme Of The Story "Shadow In The Rose Garden" By D.H.Lawrence?


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The theme of this book is something that is unique and that you are going to be able to find lots to write about if this is an assignment. The theme is that life is never going to offer you a rose garden, there are always going to be something lurking round the corner that is going to challenge you and that you have to overcome.

As this theme is apparent throughout the whole book there are going to be plenty of references to for you to write about and you are not going to struggle when it comes to making different connections within the story. The title is the main idea behind the theme and you can connect this to the rest of the story which is going to develop on the theme and make it more apparent as the story goes on.

· Hidden themes

Within every story that is written, you can be sure that there is going to be some aspect of a hidden theme, this can be of your own personal opinion as long as you are going to have the references to back up what you are saying. References are going to make any theme acceptable and you are not going to struggle to ensure that you can find support for the theme that you are arguing.

Ensuring that you have read the book and have studied it well is going to mean that you are going to be able to write about as many different themes that you are think are in the book, as long as the main theme which you are going to have to write about when you doing an assignment or writing in an exam. It is not going to be difficult if you know the book well and know what you want to write about when you have examined the different themes within the story.

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