Would you rather have a personal chef, on-call massage therapist, or full time housekeeper?


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I'd rather have a personal chef. You know, like this one:

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I would not want any of those things. The people with the work ethic to be a housekeeper usually doesn't click with my personality, I don't get massages because I have a problem where if I feel pain I like it because I get to persevere through it, and I love the satisfaction of making my own food.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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Nice answer. 👍
I love cooking! Cleaning? Eh. It's a necessary evil. :)
Nina Varganov
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Yeah that's how I feel, except cooking is a little stressful because I forget i left something is in the oven, etc. a LOT. Also you have to clean up after you're done :) those are the only negatives. BTW nice massage therapist :)
HappyTo BeHereTo
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LOL. A revenge post!!! 😂😂😂😂
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Alright! Alright!  If Rooster and Hippy are taking this Q off the rails, I get to play too!  Here's my on call massage therapist!

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i already have a part time house keeper due to being handicapped. Now i need some full time cash

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A personal chef that will eat with me.

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Someday Lenny Karvitz is gonna be my personal chef ...he just doesn't know it yet..  If he doesn't hurry up I'm gonna break up with him then  RAAAAAR 😡

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I would love a full time house keeper! My dogs track a lot of sand in. My hubby just bought me one of those robotic vacuum cleaners. I hoping if I turn it on every night before I go to bed I might  be able to keep up with my floors,  leaving me time to keep up with the laundry. (Which includes sandy dog beds.)

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We ALL know Yin would HAVE to pick the chef! LOLOLOLOL!

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Yin And Yang
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You know Hippy..... I went to the stove store and....... welll.... you ever see those little puppies at a pet store or the fish in a fish bowl who is hiding at the scary child tapping on the cage/tank???? That is EXACTLY what them stoves were doing!!!! The nerve of them! PFFFT!
Ancient Hippy
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The FBI has issued a stove abuser list and you're at the top of the most wanted.
Yin And Yang
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How did they get my name!?!??!? I thought I paid good money to keep my name clear...... PFFFT! See what a dollar got me!?!?!?

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